A downloadable game for Windows

We all get lonely from time to time. Some of us find love through determination, others unfortunately are lost causes, destined to roam the world in sad, lonely exile.

But sometimes all that is needed is that second chance, a mirracle from above which can give you an upper hand in the gory war called "love". Yes, that Cupid's arrow can strike the person you desire the most at any moment, and yes, that arrow can sometimes be a badly aimed sniper shot from a lousy assassin.

It's up to you to woo the bleeding beauty in front of you, before the last drop of her hottnes stains the dirty carpet of your deplorable man-cave.

Be daring, be bold, and just maybe you'll get to second base!


Michał Król - Game Design

Konrad Słabig - Programming

Lucas Frisenette Fich - 2D Graphics

Jacob Lynggaard Olsen - Music

Install instructions

1. Download the zip

2. Unpack this lovely gift

3. Fall in love with it

(or let it die and wither like everything you ever touched, you monster!)


Cupid's Arrow Build Win.zip 51 MB